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What do Archons Look Like?  I asked AI

As an experiment, I asked Ai what Archons look like.  Ai has almost all the information on the internet to pool from, with some extra uncanny tech magic thrown in.  The results are very interesting as you can see below.

Given of course, the entities most like Archons, in my experience, any many others, can present themselves as anything.  Angels, Demons, Helpers, Guides, Religious figures, dead relatives, etc.  Male, female, young, old, scary, threatening of false loving.  False comforting, False and intense peacefulness to open you up.

Whatever will have the most effect on you.  Those energies are just frequencies to them.  Tools to do bad stuff.

If only I had learned this sooner.

They can be any color, shape.  Big or small, formed or just a small blob.  Attached or flying around.  It appears their next move or movement is planned before they move.  From point to point.

They can also completely hide from you, by making themselves colorless and see through.  This trick was perplexing at first.

And yes, they still influence you and others and spirit attachments.  Often from behind the spirit they are influencing.  And you or that spirit, is blamed for what happens.

Some things that make them unique, that we can test, are they have a more subtle energy when in their natural state.  Also naturally, they are blue or transparent, and feeling-less, machine like, unless they are intentionally creating those energies, like feelings and personality.  They show up on electronic frequency counters.

Scientists who study the spirit world with Astral Projection, clairvoyance, remote viewing, etc, have found the same things.  We can explore that topic later.  Here we go with the images.

These are in order that Ai created them.  Notice the progression in how they change with each new image.   I didn’t tell Ai about the grouping, how there is usually or always a leader.  About the machine like nature, the blue or other things it got right, that I don’t think are mentioned much online.

I’ve been exploring ways to block them electronically.  That would be a dream come true.  You can read more on this page on Spirit Attachments.

What do you think?  Comment below.

what do archons look like?


what do archons look like?