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This is a video of the TM doing a very MILD demonstration on someone in my garage.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txEH1juZa20[/embedyt]


The Entity filled up most of the garage at the time, and much of the mass of it was on the ceiling.  It was the ends of some tentacles from the ceiling were affecting Tom.  Pulling them off his head did not remove it overall.  Usually when it attacks me it puts the tentacles back on after I pull them off.  Not with other people around me though.

I mentioned in the video how I was able to pull them off, to help convey the before and after effects.

And, I’m not speaking clearing in the video because it’s squeezing me while I’m talking.  Sometimes I think I should have just made some public videos explaining everything, years ago.

About ‘demonstrations’ it or they have done on others

Most people around me have no idea about it unless I mention it.  Often, even other psychics and mediums.  When it affects people, its usually sneaky and like prank stuff like false smells and things.  Or make the not like me, or make them REALLY like me, or pick and argument, etc.  The usual stuff attaching spirits do to people everyday, but with both much more subtlety and intensity.

I used to think, “I wished someone could just come up to me and tell me they can see it”.

Eventually one person did.

I went to a friends house and his new girlfriend was there.  She came up to me from across a large room, and said I have this big thing around me. And she was right.  She was from the Philippines, where people are more open and honest about such things.  But things are quickly changing here.

During clearing sessions it usually hides, more so in the beginning.

There have been more dramatic demonstrations this thing has “given”, and I wished I had recorded them.  One person it paralyzed them and held them in a chair.  She was trained in a Daoist clearing method with chanting.  It was “quiet” and hid the whole time.

Once finished, she said down in the chair, and I watched as hundreds of tentacles came up from the ground, over the chair and her, covered her and solidified.  Her eyes bugged out and she couldn’t move or talk.  Frozen in place, sitting upright and forward.

I told her it was just demonstrating, and not to worry.  I tried pulling it off her, but the ends would stay stuck on her and the part I was pulling on would stretch as they sometimes do.  They let go after about 5 minutes.  They slithered back down and she ‘came to’.  She was able to move and talk got up.

Another time, I was talking to a couple outside and after hours at a metaphysical shop.  They were probably in their late twenties.  The couple had some experiences doing clearings and worked with spirits in some compacity.  Closer to the Wiccan tradition.  Like always, I was looking for someone who could remove it, or someone who knows someone who might be able to.

He was sitting on a tree section that was like a stool, and she was standing on my right about 10 feet away.

We talked for a little while about each others backgrounds and experiences.  They wanted to know more and I told them.  I looked down and could see the TM was all around me on the ground, but ‘thin’ or faint.  Not energized strongly.  The tentacles were like clear, white-ish, semi-transparent pool noodles, about 4 inches in diameter.  Like usually, tentacles everywhere, but I can’t find the head of it, or whatever is behind it or its composed of.  I know the “controller” spirits control it.

If you weren’t used to looking at it, or not experienced with that frequency range clairvoyantly, you’d miss it.  Like most mediums can’t see attaching spirits unless they’re trained to or know to look for them.  Even then, you only see a few of the many frequencies.  The first 3, not the 300 other ones.

I was telling the couple about the TM, and other some other very surprising and uncommonly known things about the spirit world I’ve learned from experience and direct observation.  They were both a surprised by a lot of it, since most of it’s not well known.

The guy asked me if I every took LSD or something.

“Definitely not”.

They had never heard of things like this before, and they couldn’t see anything.  I informed them, that I’ve never taken any kind of hallucinogens and rarely even take prescription meds.  In part, for this reason.  I knew people who had in their teens had done a lot of LSD, and were still skilled and accurate psychics, but I didn’t want to chance it.

There’s plenty of real “shit to see”, all over the place.

The woman said she didn’t see anything, and they were both kind of “haha” about it.

I was an experienced Psychic Medium and Healer before it was here (though I didn’t get it because of that), and it took me a little while to where I could learn to see it when it first was around me and attacking.

I told her to keep looking in the general area, with a relaxed gaze with your clairvoyance on, and you’ll start to see it after while, then went back to talking to the guy about it, and discussed some of his experiences.

Shortly after…

…I can see it!   She said.  It slowly came visible to her.

You could see the light bulb of amazed awareness come on for her.off to my right, I heard her became serious, and astonished.

I knew it.

She described the tentacles.  A bunch of tentacles moved over to her, and started moving up her body and started to cover her.  She was amazing by it. With wide-eyed astonishment.  She was liking down and around left and right of it on her, and said.  “Each one can produce a different feeling!”


Until this thing, that’s something I’ve never heard of, experienced or thought was possible either.

It was “stimulating her” in a way, with many different emotions, being transmitted out of the tentacles.  Into or onto her.

But soon, it got darker, the feelings changed, and squeezed her.  I’m not sure what emotions it was squeezing her with, but I could see it was a lot.  Her expression changed.  Her face turned red, and it was like she was going to pop.  She screamed, and ran way from it.  She ran to her car, got in and sped out of the parking lot.

Her boyfriend still sitting there.

The squid didn’t follow her.

Her boyfriend and I looked at each other for a moment.  He was silent and taken aback.  Yep, I was telling the truth.

I think he called a friend to pick him up.  We talked on the phone about it days later.

After that, I thought I have to get it on video when I can.  And thus, you have these videos to see because of that.



Tentacle Monsters or Astral Squid Entities, Entity Attachments

Posted on May 31st, 2017

One of the main reasons for this website it to find people who’ve been able to remove the entities that are squid-like.  Some are referred to as a “Tentacle Monster”, astral squids, octopus entities, etc.

So far, we have not found a method to remove these, other than the smaller ones.  Though we think it’s possible, we have not found a healing method, healer or device that has yet been able to get rid of these.

See our page on entity removal devices for things we have tried so for, that do work on some other kinds of entities.

If you know of anyone that can remove these, please let us know.  You can used the contact form or the comments below.  Time is of the essence.

A Summary The Attributes & Abilities of One Tentacle Monster

  1. Its a large squid like entity with thousands of tentacles
  2. Each one can transmit a different thought, feeling or push/pull movement, all in a coordinated attacks
  3. It is very strong for an entity.  It can pin a person in a chair, push or shove them physically, etc.
  4. In most clearings, it will either make itself colorless, so the healer cannot see it.  Or, it spread itself out and anchors itself to everything in the room, so far making it un-removable
  5. The most experienced healer I worked with said she had never seen anything like it
  6. Most psychic readings I got before this were accurate.  Now, so far it has been able to fool everyone with false information.  It puts tentacles into or front of their chakras, or around the person.
  7. It is very large.  It can fill up a room, lining the walls and ceiling with tentacles.
  8. It can transmit any feeling out of each tentacle.  From intense and overwhelming you can’t function, to so subtle, you don’t know it’s doing it to you.  You might notice a change in behavior.
  9. It can create dark and menacing feelings, to intense but false feelings of friendship and love.  Yes, and it can transmit pure love into you.  Causing your energy to open and soften up, then attack do a vicious attack.
  10. I used to wonder why I would tell people it’s tricking them with false data, and they’ keep speaking for it, or something.  Its a freaky experience.  Then one day it put this feeling on me, very overwhelming false feeling of not caring that I’m getting false information.
  11. It can affect multiple people at once, at the same location or multiple locations at once.
  12. It can create very convincing psychic Illusions.  One healer was astonished it was still there after she thought she cleared it.  She said “But I put it in the healing room with Jesus!!”  That was her particular healing method.
  13. The Illusions it can create include all the senses.  Visual, sounds, touches, even smells.  These indistinguishable from real smells, unless you block the sides or tip of you nose.  It will make people smell really good or really bad.  It can make food smell like rotting garbage, etc.

What do they look like?

The ones that I have seen or dealt with, have a main body that is rounded or blob like, that is sometimes or often hidden.  From that extends what appears to be thousands of tentacles.  Though small ones can clump together to form larger ones.

Each tentacle can project different energies independently, but they all work in unison.  Overall, they have a LONG list of unusual abilities that other kinds of entities do not have.

The ones we have dealt with were evidently being controlled by other entities.  We haven’t found a way to remove them either.

One person who has one, says she got hers from involvement with a someone in the upper levels of Scientology training.  She said she knows of two other people with the tentacle or squid like entities.  One person is no longer alive because of it, the other person has shut themselves in and won’t leave the house.

So far, it doesn’t appear the squids are exclusive to the above mentioned  organization.

I have one and have no connection with Scientology.

I and none of the people I’ve been in contact with about the Squid, know how remove them.

It usually hides, makes itself too subtle or transparent to see, or extends it tentacles over a wide around a room and holds on tight.

I figure it would take someone of extraordinarily skill and/or energetic strength to remove one.  Perhaps more than one person.  I’ve been in communication with hundreds of people about this.  In person, on the phone, email, Skype, everything.

Unless you can see them, or feel them out with your hands, its hard to tell if one is there or not.

The ones that I have dealt with are on the frequency of regular aura energy.  You don’t have to tune in on the “ghost level or frequency”.  If you can see regular energy, you might be able to see these.

One of their tricks is to make themselves colorless, so you see right though them.

As do some other categories of entities.  So even psychically, it can take some experimentation to see them.   Even for experienced psychics, entity removal healers.  With practice you can see them.  Looking for the edges of the tentacles at the width of them, is easier.

I’ve seen a few people look right at one, and say “I don’t see anything”.  I say, keep looking.  Soon it makes itself more dense, and it gets quite a reaction from the person who couldn’t see it.

They tend to only attack the person who is their main host, aside from minor tricks they play on other people.

Below this, is some more information that was sent as an email to a Shaman, for one particular case.

I’ll paste a list of things I’ve sent people before so they have an idea about it.  Its an older list, but tells a lot.  I don’t want to send someone too much info at once, but Its an unusual case and some of the details trip people up.

It/they are very tricky.  It can use reverse psychology.  Regular entities might make you feel bad or attack you if they don’t want you to do something.  The tm (tentacle monster) might attack someone TO get them to do it, if it thanks you’ll rebel against it, or if that’s your usual way of dealing with entities.

One thing about it, is it does complex or compound attacks.  For instance, if it/they want to make you eat, there will be a tentacle on your stomach, pulling to make you feel empty.  Tentacles on your temples pulling on the feeling of craving, other tentacles pushing a feeling of “I want food” on your forehead, making a feeling of chewing on your jaw, a feeling of how much you need to eat on the back of your head.

You’re like a pincushion, you just don’t know it.

Then, it/they will pull you physically toward the food from your shoulders, and push on your back forward.

It gives false information the same way.  Tentacles on your chakras, or hovering gently in front of them, with false images, feelings, sounds, etc.  And a feeling of amplified confidence somewhere else so you go with the information.

Before the tm, most readings I got were accurate.  Afterwards, they are almost all a trick of some kind.

I used to do readings, healings, etc.  But didn’t get the TM, related to that, as far as I can tell.

…also…It can attack people with ‘good’ feelings.  It can completely wrap someone (usually me) in intense love, peace, relaxation, letting go, Joy, you name it.

With me, its used to open me up for the next attack, or make me feel like something is good when it’s not, or vice versa.  Even after all these years, I still get tricked by it on occasion.

It/they do this attack, where they make you not aware of what’s happening.  A nothing-like glow around your head or something.  Then whatever other attack they are doing, you don’t even realize it until afterward.


I should specify that it can fill up the space around me in a large area, or hide, with parts of itself spread out, attached to walls, the floor, pushing off walls, etc. It can make itself colorless, so it’s hard to see, etc.

Here’s a list of it’s short highlight of its unusual attributes. Perhaps it will help: I’m thinking that acupuncture as part of the treatment won’t help in this case.

It is very strong, and can do many things at once, and can quickly alter my energy in seconds. Add in, take out, twist around…anything. I’m open to new ideas, but I don’t think the problem is in my energy. Usually that’s the case for most things, but the ‘tm’ is controlled by other entities (I call them controllers), and affects everything, not just one energy/emotional ‘hook’. It seems to be able to make you feel or not feel anything.

It has affected other people around me in ‘demonstrations’. Since it has such unusual properties or ability, I’ll give more background on it. It can cause all kinds of symptoms or problems. This list covers the basics of how it functions to help determine a possible solution or what to expect from it. – So far I’ve had sessions with 27 other healers. (Edit: about 80 now)

Most have been remote. Most could see or experience it in some way, but were not able to remove it. – It’s like a large squid or octopus with hundreds or more tentacles. Each can transmit a different emotion, thought, or push, pull, twist on your energy independently. – It can block the effects of medication, by pushing on your energy, or amplify them so hardly anything has a huge effect by “pull-amplifying” it. – It can change its density and quality very quickly.

It can be vapor like or metal like and change between the two in a few seconds. It can completely encapsulate someone with a foot thick of tentacles. Individual tentacles can be 2 feet in diameter, or thin and needle like. – Hiding: It can become colorless or feeling-less so you see through it. Otherwise, it’s on the frequency of regular auric energy.

If someone can sense energy, but not spirits, they can still see/feel the tm. – It can become small and hide, or absorb environmental energy and grow the size of a couch or car, or bigger. – It can be on one clump, but usually it’s spread out. A mass of tentacles spread out across the floor, with some of it going from wall to wall or to the ceiling. – Can stab into people with feelings, or crush existing feelings in.

Sometimes it has a numbing like feeling, so anything it touches looses feeling. Like Novocaine. Or, what I call the feeling of “nothing”. Its makes a cotton ball like energy, and when it hits you, you loose whatever feeling/emotion or thought you had. – Put thoughts or feelings into people with tentacles that hover quietly around them. Making them see images that it’s gone, etc. – False smells. It can put tentacles on your nose, creating false smells that are indistinguishable from real ones.

This can happen to multiple people at once. – It can cling to objects with unusual strength. One time a mass of it about 2 feet long, was on the floor. I picked it up, and it felt as heavy as a 30-40lb dog. Then it let go, and it lifted right up. It can push off of walls or other objects for leverage. -I used to clear things out of houses or from people with energy visually.

I can’t budge this thing. I have to use my hands. Its attacks can be stopped momentarily by clapping it flat, pulling the energy off of a tentacle, etc. But its only a temporary fix. – I can *usually pull tentacles off with my hands. Then I have to ground my other energies it was attacking so it will stop. Otherwise it just sticks other tentacles on.

I used to do what I thought was pulling them apart what i would attack me. But I found it was pulling the energy off of them, like pulling the tinsel off of garland decoration. There’s a fishing line like material at the core of each tentacle, that has shown to be unbreakable s far. – When I first discovered it was being used to cause me all kinds of problems, I met the “head” of it. It was about the size of a volleyball.

I’ve only seen or felt tentacles since. It affects me all day. Any time I feel something it stabs it in, pulls it out or numbs it away. I was told by the time it’s done, they’re only be a “very polite person” left. This definitely appears to be happening.

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