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Spirit Attachment Overview:  Energy Healing & Clearing Machines, Reincarnation, Archons

I wrote this section for another website, responding to someone seeking help for “depersonalisation”.  It got a lot of likes and comments, so I decided to put share it here for educational purposes.

The post:

These kinds of cases are similar to my focus area. I’m glad to see so many good points made in this thread. These kinds of problems are where the spiritual side of illness is more obvious.

Like others mentioned, the pleasure loss is called Anhedonia. The other main symptoms are called Depersonalization, in conventional science.

Like most illnesses, they can be caused by any combination of both physical or spiritual problems, and often both. Incorrect medication, bacteria, viruses, brain parasites, heavy metals, toxins, injuries, etc. or spirit / entity attachments on the outside. In my experience doing clearings, the attachments are the biggest component in most cases.

It seems like a lot more people are becoming aware of the problem. Especially in the 10-15 years for some reason.

Its likely a big factor in your case. You said it happened out of nowhere, the thought “popped into your head”, and words came out of your mouth without you doing it consciously, indicate a spiritual cause was the main reason.

The thought popping in is called “thought injection”. I’ll bet you can even tap your finger on the exact spot. It was probably in the temple area.

Pushing words out of your mouth is normally the back 3rd eye on the back of the head, or back of the neck. Its like a moment of ‘possession’. Something all people experience if they know it or not.

get rid of spirit attachment

There are several ways entities can can cause those symptoms. Most of it will be on or around your head. Its a temporary effect.

The kinds of entities that know how to do these things are more advanced, and are usually more difficult to remove, but it can be done.

The various forms of attachments are the biggest problem in the world. The average person has at least 200-300 on them. I have personally observed this while doing clearings. When I first started I could only see the 2 or 3 most active ones, like most clearers. But over time I began to be able to see many more. When you remove them from someone, most people instantly know something changed, confirming the observation.

The ones who don’t feel it, are usually so covered in attachments, they don’t know whats going on, when you remove them from people people they know right away something got better.

Different entities are on different frequencies, and most of them cannot see each other. It takes adjustment to see the different categories with psychic or spiritual perception.

Some people are consciously are of some of them, other people are not, but its a skill that can be developed. Though, being able to see or feel them isn’t necessary for doing basic clearings on people.

I’m seeking and working on technologies to do clearings, because there’s too many of them, and the more advanced entities are hard to remove. There are some kinds of machines that can remove some of them. If anyone here as more ideas, I’ve love the help.

The attachments are usually the root cause for needing healing or rife in the first place. If you clear the entities, the physical problems clear themselves up quickly. The mental or emotional problems are instantly cleared if you get all the ones causing that problem.

This can be readily demonstrated in clearings. If you pull them off or dislodge them from someone or yourself – instantly the anger stops, the crying stops, the addictions stop, the depression stops, the schizophrenia stops, etc.

About 95% of the energy of negative emotions is from them. So the results are usually dramatic when they are removed. Almost every conceivable problem can be caused by them, big or small.

There are many different methods for doing clearings. You can learn to even pull or scrape them off of people and see the instant reaction as a problem disappears. They have to be processed or have their outer energy body dissolved, or other method to prevent them from coming back.

When someone cries for emotional reasons, there are entities pulling or pushing on the forehead chakra point. Its in the center of the forehead about halfway between the brow and top of the forehead. Relates to your worldview and how you feel about other people.

Usually on the front, but sometimes on the back on the head in the same spot. You can put some pressure there with your fingers or hands and the crying stops instantly if caused by emotional reasons.

negative spirit attachment remove

Attachments are why you feel terrible if someone breaks up with you, you lose a job, or your dog dies, entity attachment pull on the ‘heart strings’. They make bullies feel like picking on you. Make your boss yell at you. They weaken the tissue, cause the accident or keep the infection active. Intentionally or not.

Every square millimeter on the surface of the body relates to different feelings and functions. If you know the problem, you can find the entity on the person by the spot. That’s if you haven’t learned to see, feel or hear them.

When you have cravings or frustrations, they push and pull on the temples. You can test this by covering those areas up with your hands and a little gentle pressure. It blocks or flattens them temporarily from being able to affect you on that spot. Wait 5 or 10 seconds.

Put something you crave in front of you. A cigarette, chocolate cake, anything. Put your hands over your temples, and apply a little bit of gentle pressure. Notice the cravings stop. The same for crying. These are just 2 examples out of thousands.

Fear – solar plexus. Insecurity – naval area. Front or back. And so on.

entity spirit attachment removal method

Once, I removed advanced schizophrenia from a woman that came to me for help.  I scraped enough of the entities off of her with my hand and purple energy. Then sealed her up.

It took less than 10 minutes and no physical contact. With each scrape, her face and body became less contorted, her back became straighter. When done, she looked and spoke like a different person. Clear minded, relieved and happy.  She said it was the first time in a year and half the voices stopped. It was awesome.

That method was from Pranic Psychotherapy.  You can learn it from the book or take classes.  The spiritual explanations in the book are mostly not correct.  About the nature of “elementals” and “higher spirits”.  I know this from years of thorough testing and experience with the spirit world.

But the hands on energy techniques are spot on.  They’re mostly good for the lower and mid level difficulty attachments.  There are more advance methods, but its the best system that’s written about in a book that you can pick up and learn.

There are a lot of methods for removing entities.  I’ve scoured the earth looking for them. But as it is now, they are not enough. The world needs technological solutions developed and soon. The world won’t be a good place until the problem is solved.

The best way is to work on both the physical and spiritual levels at the same time. Use tech, food, supplements or other methods to carefully clear out pathogens and heavy metals. And find people who do clearings. It will take several clearings, and probably more than one healer/shaman/clearer. In-person is more effect but remote can work.

Everyone needs routine clearings.

Remember, many of these things are obsessed with you. They do not want people to know they exist or to be cleared. Those are the ones you really want cleared the most.

This is one reason why the spirit world is the greatest mystery. They don’t want know whats really going on.

They will make you think or feel all kinds of reasons not to try things or get clearings. It really starts or gets worse the day before a clearing.

About 30% of them don’t know they are ‘dead’, and are living in a dream world. A mixed-reality of their own energy and the energetic reality around them.

Others know they are ‘extra-physical’, and are trying to harm you. Some are trying to help, but can make things worse. They all feed on your energy.

Some are molded up against you, others tethered by a cord.

Some try to trick you into re-incarnation, making you falsely feel like you want to. Some categories can influence your physical movements, speech, thoughts and feelings with high precision. Many try but cannot.

The most obvious ones have a negative energy, but the worse ones can put the nicest feelings on you to open you up or trick you. Pure love or relaxation, ‘officiousness’ or ‘honesty’. Don’t fall for it and don’t trust any of them.

Almost anything can pretend to be anything. They can take the form of people who they are not, monsters, religious figures, anything. Some where never human.

I had one pretend to be me once, as if I was astral projecting and visited a woman I used to do healings for.

Rife and other tech can be used to clear some kinds of entities. Hopefully one day, all of them.

So far with testing, normal power levels can make them wiggle around, and higher voltage is needed to clear them.  Rife devices with a plasma ball, negative static devices, multi-wave oscillators to some extent, etc.


rife plasma ball

Clearing Spirit Attachments with Rife Plasma Balls

In one example, a colleague inadvertently cleared one using a plasma ball with an amplifier and mp3 player. His wife had some tumors on her back.  I told him to use 400 Hz – a tumor frequency.

What happened next was amazing.  She said a black figure shot off of her back, and screamed as it flew around the room before going out the window.  Her tumor started shrinking right away, when other methods didn’t help it.

Other people have found static devices to work well on the lower and mid level ones. I’m working on a project for that but I’m not finished yet. The advanced level ones are still a problem and I haven’t had the resources to make bigger equipment yet that can find or hit the right frequencies.

When you are out of body, the spirit world is more real than this reality. It is an equally wonderous and dangerous place. And its around us and on us.

If people knew how extensive the problem is, they’d drop everything and focus on developing solutions.

Be Well.

“That was certainly interesting  ;) I certainly agree that these are highly deceptive “chameleons” which most of us are incapable of properly assessing or evaluating, and are therefore well advised to stay far away from. Where do you see these entities going after they are “removed” ? They seem to be like hermit crabs perpetually either occupying or looking for a shell to occupy.”

My response:


Where do they go? That is a good question. So far it seems they don’t come back with the dissolve or scrape and dissolve method. I want to make a project of tracking them eventually to see where they go. With a fair amount of their energy body or stored energy gone, they’re more likely to get unstuck from being in a state of confusion or clarity that led them to becoming an attachment anyway.

Its possible they get dragged off by what I call controller spirits, as happens when you send them “into the light”, if using a method that works. These are a category of spirits that present themselves as ‘guides’, angels, gods, demons, etc, to most people, if they allow themselves to be known at all. Usually they hide.

They can do things other spirits can’t due because of the more subtle nature of their energy. They can quickly lower that energy though.

They don’t have feelings, but they can create feelings to fool people with, using extreme precision. People believe what they feel, and these things fully exploit that. That’s one of the things that would really shock people if they knew.

I no longer send spirits into the light to get rid of them. They get “cleansed” or their “issues” get relaxed down so they are less likely to attach to people. But they’ll mostly likely get forced back into reincarnation, which has a detrimental effect cumulatively.

Like others have said, they can be hard to get rid of. Getting rid of the lower level ones isn’t’ that hard, its keeping them gone is the trick. At least without some kind of change to their energy.

Chameleons? Yes. Out of body, you look like whatever you imagine yourself to look like pretty much, so just about anything can look like anything.

One way to tell the difference is by quality of their energy and not how they look. The “lower” ones have a rougher energy, the “higher” ones a more subtle one, unless they are tightening up to slow down. In this context, higher means more clear, more sophisticated, but can mean more trouble too.

This is all information I’ve learned or verified from years of experience. Not just things I read in a book or was told. I have to test each thing. There’s so much missing or wrong information. At least half of what the world tells you isn’t true.

Sounds like you’ve had some experience with these things.


Archons, Forced Reincarnation, Archonic Reicarnation Trap

The newer information coming out about Archons, is very interesting.   It matches a lot of what I’ve personally observed and experienced in the astral.  Topics of “Archon Forced reincarnation”, or Archonic Reincarnation Trap, are much more accurate that most of what else is taught on the subject.

You can see more about Archons here, along with what Ai says Archons look like.

I’ve been exploring ways to block Archons, along with regular spirit attachments.


This is a good next page to read:  Tech List

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