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Friends, I will let the video speak for itself.  It may take a minute to load.


Lidar For Detecting Spirits

tesla car lidar

Lidar means light detection and ranging.  It was one of about 5 or 6 technologies I’ve looked at – or actually tested for doing this kind of thing on purpose.  I’m sure you can imagine the potential for an improved version of this in dealing negative spirits.

So to see it working, even at this level…is pretty amazing.

Telsa cars use Lidar to scan the area around them like radar, looking for objects as part of the self driving feature.

There are cameras that use Lidar for scanning objects to make 3d printed copies of them.  There even apps you can get for camera phones that do this.

With car system, lasers are used and the more lasers the higher the resolution.  More resolution means better images.  Lasers have a frequency like radio waves and magnetic fields.  The frequency of the lasers and the kind of chip used in the receiving device affect what can be seen this way.

The variations in design, are why some cameras can see spirits easier than others.  The design of the optical chip, the frequencies it sees better in, the software codex that processes the images, etc.

The optical chip in your camera, are packed with millions of tiny light sensors, kind of like the retinas in your eyes.

Each tiny sensor creates one pixel of color information.  Millions of these together create a picture.  Its turned into one and zeros to make a code that other devices can read.

To make video, the sensors gets refreshed quickly, and the images are combined one after another.  Like flipping the the pages quickly on the edge of an animation book, gives the effect of motion.  Just like your eyes see.

LiDAR technology, Amazing Video: Tesla Car Scanner Picks Up Ghosts

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