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Weddings Are Designed To Confuse Negative Spirits

obs and spirit attachmentsIf you’ve been to a wedding, you’ve seen procedures designed to prevent the effects of negative entities.  I’m not kidding.

Most people would be shocked to know the modern day wedding ceremony used in western societies, is almost completely based on the idea of lower level negative entities are dangerous but can be tricked sometimes.  And the procedures used in weddings are designed to prevent as many of these spirits as possible, from knowing who is getting married.

It was known that many spirits cause problems, but also that some of them can be fooled with simple methods.  They were definitely right about this.

Native tribes and older civilizations were built around reducing the effect of negative spirits, and many of the western traditions are no exception.

The veil the bride wears is to hide her identity from the spirits.  Bridesmaids are dressed like the bride, and meant to act as decoys.

orbs and spirit attachments

The best man walks down the isle with the bride as if he was the husband, and at the last minute, swaps places with the real groom, so confuse the spirits as to who the real groom is.

The tradition of  not allowing the bride and groom to meet the night before, (which is still described to prevent bad luck without explaining why) is also to make it harder for these spirits to know who’s getting married.

As the newlywed couple leaves, the dried rice that is thrown on the couple afterward, is intended to be charged with energy, or blessed like holy water, to knock off attaching or nearby spirits after they are married.

The vow of “until death do you part” is to discourage one of the couple from attaching to the other if they pass before the other.  In the immediate life or if one partner reincarnates while the other is still dis-incarnate.

spirit attachment orbs

This has come up several times in clearing sessions, when a spirit attachment being removed said they were there because they knew each other in a past life and host person, said “they’d love him/her forever”.

Which turns out to be the wrong thing to say.

The person without a body found their lost love, who is now in a new body.  Or, at least they think that is the right person.  About half the time it seems they have found the “right” person.

I hope you found this informative and enjoy the rest of the site.

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