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I made a made negative ion machine like this. It feels like “electric rain”, very cool sensation.  Fancy jacket not required.

Entity Removal Technology

Updated: August 29, 2023

New Aura Clearing, Electrostatic Machine Is Almost Ready

I’ve been working on an updated version, hopefully ready to release this week.  Click this page for more updates.

There’s way too many Spirit Attachments, and too few healers or clear-ers. 

People are covered in Spirit Attachments.  The average person has about 200-300.  Most healers can only see the 1-3 most active ones at the time of a clearing. This is demonstrable. See the home page for more information on this. 

I build this site years ago to help others find ways to remove Spirit Attachments.  Several technologies are below listed that can do this or could be improved to do it.  I collected a lot of information and I’m using it to hopefully release some devices soon.

When I was doing clearings or being a psychic bodyguard (for lack of a better term) for the clearer, I started be able to see and feel more and more entity/spirit attachments as I was tuning in for it.  I found out the hard way there were many not normally visible or feel-able to normal clairvoyance.  Each type of entity is on different frequencies, and many cannot even see each other which was fascinating to learn.  Not counting the ones that are actively trying to hide.  

Furthermore, there are entities that are far to difficult or in number for most people to remove.  So we’re exploring and developing the tech route, with the intensive goal to develop equipment that can clear everything.

Therefore, I’m happy to announce, after years of research, this new device is currently in the testing phase, and doing well.  This site has been here to educate and inspire the development of innovation with entity removal.  Now we are going to have something to offer for purchase.

I have made and tested nearly every device that has ever been found to remove spirit attachments.  There are many.  This page has handful of the them on it.  I need more funds to build / buy / test bigger versions of the best ones.

Its output is about that of a Wimshurst machine, which you can read about below.  Though with a smoother continues flow of energy.  Its not a copy of but its also similar to the “Pyro Energen” (and some older things like it).  Though what I’m developing is is about 2X – 3X more powerful, but at about 1/2 the cost, with a price range around $600.  I’d love to be able to give them away for free, but unfortunately its not feasible.  The more I make, the better stuff I can make.

The Pyro Energen is a device that is promoted as for clearing entities, certain forms of cancer and a number of viruses.  But the price makes it beyond the reach of a many people, and a lot of people have.

It also similar to older static devices, that have been used since static electricity was discovered.  It covers the body in a negatively charged electrostatic field, and makes causes a person to emit negative ions from your whole body.  Its pretty cool. 

You sit in a plastic chair with a plastic foot rest or massage table, non-metal bed, plastic lounge chair, etc, so you’re at least 1 foot off the ground.  This is to prevent you from “grounding” and the static field going elsewhere.

It has not shown yet to clear the big house-sized squid/tentacle monster entity.  We’re still doing tests to determine if it removes regular entities.  I’m blocked now so I can’t directly observe it, but, the guinea pigs… I mean test subjects, have reported health improvements with hard to clear infections of the physical body. It appears to have a strong a cleansing effect on energy.

When its available for purchase you will be notified.  You can leave your name and contact info, and any comments that you’d like on this form.

Most of the proceeds will go toward a new electronics lab, that are just sitting on the bench right now, waiting on more funding.

I have discovered that “necessity is the mother of invention, but money is the father”.

I have discovered that necessity is the mother of invention, but money is the father.

the Admin

This is a short list devices reported to work, each by multiple credible sources, but we haven’t been able to test all of them.  While the simpler devices are not probably not the goal device we are looking for, they each have their benefits and lead to the ideal.  Each are known for having healing effects on the physical body.  From negative ions to frequency-generating devices.

Not to mention these are interesting or just plain fun.  In no particular order:

1. Removing Spirit Attachments with the Wimshurst Machine

wimshurst machine spirit attachment removalAny list of Spirit Attachment or Entity Removal machines should include the Wimshurst machine.  Sometimes spelled Wilmshurst machine.  These were widely used since the 1880’s for medical treatments and scientific experiments, including by Benjamin Franklin, who was a prolific inventor and researcher in his time.

The Static Machine (aka Ghost BBQ) is similar to this machine but can run a smoother continuous flow of energy, versus the Wimshurst machine “zap-zap-zap” shocking pulses.  For more info on that, click here.

Wimshurst machines have been made in many sizes and where the main treatment option for many doctors back in the day.  I found some old (over a century old) books I can share on the server later.  These fascinating old books tell of impressive results.

Wimshurst machines generate a form of negative or positively charged static electricity.  Its a (non lethal) high voltage but very low amperage (contrary to what Wikipedia says…go figure), static sparks.

The medical side was almost lost to history when pharma took over, and we know how that has gone. 

Even less known is the amazing stories of researchers, also from back in the day, that used the static-generating Wimhurst machines to clear Spirit Attachments from people.  Now we’re talking.  These old books have precious gem buried in them.

Modern Negatively charged static electricity and negative ion generators, have so far been found to be one of the most effective technologies at clearing or repelling negative entities.  Depending on the power level and delivery method.  I don’t know of anyone personally that has tested a Wimshurst machine for this.  I know of one electrical engineer who said a shock from one allowed his sprained joint to move again. 

If you’ve had any experience with these,  please let me know.

Dr. Carl Wickland, “30 Years Among The Dead”  (with a free PDF)

spirit attachment removal with dr. carl wicklandI’ve found two books written by people who did this.  One of them was by Dr. Carl Wickland, called “Thirty Years Among The Dead”.  Dr. Carl was a Psychiatrist that would use sparks from the Wimhurst machine to zap Spirit Attachments off a patient, and his Wife, a skilled Medium, would communicate for the spirit and they’d talk in into leaving.  Serious illnesses would leave with the spirits.

Amazon has a pretty good summary about the book here.  You can get the PDF of the book in large print for free here.   

carl-wickland-30-years-among-the-deadUnfortunately, the book doesn’t detail the exact way he used the Wimhurst machine for this.  But, most of it can be deduced from experience working with static technology and other old books.

This kind of profound healing was able to come together at that time, because the right combination of things existed.  Knowledge of static healing, a wise and honest doctor, the right kind of Mediumship was more available, and before pharma was in full swing suppressing anything that didn’t make them super rich. 

I have personally personally participated in many clearings like this in the past, minus the machine.  The spirit attachments were pulled off with a different method.

The sessions were very effective so I know the process is real.  Its a very hard to find method, so it was amazing to read a large part of it in this old book.  Its hard to find good spiritual or metaphysical information.

In these sessions, you got to hear the stories of *some of*  the Spirits that

Dr. Carl Wickland and his wife

Dr. Carl Wickland & His Wife

have been making you miserable.  Extraordinarily accurate stories and then problems lift away. It gives a small but special window into the hidden reality around us.

One of the problems is there are very few people who know how to do it well, and the spirits that help out… aren’t always the most reliable or honest.  The spirits are likely to be forced into reincarnation later, which isn’t good for them.  But its better than having them attached to you.

(Options for that can be found later, as its important for humans to get cleared.  More modern static device are likely one solution to this. )

Also, it usually only removes one or a small cluster at a time.  So getting fully clear will take a long time.  Even if you have access to, or are such a healer, you need a team to do it safely. 

There was another couple who wrote a book on this same thing.  I can’t find the book right now, but the process was similar.  The bad part of the story was the husband passed, and for reasons that were not explained, the Medium wife didn’t get her own clearings and ended up in a mental institution. 

People have long used static machine to clear entities, but if you don’t do somersetting else to keep them gone, they can come back.  Fortunately, its said, that it has since been found if you keep using the machine, eventually the spirits leave and stay away.


2.  Ion Ray Gun

ion ray guns for entity removal
Not quite proton Packs, but in that direction. The positive gun feeds spirits, negative chases them away.

Negative ion generators of various types have been found to have effects in Ghost hunting and parapsychology test.  One parapsychology professor related to me a story about how he had an Ion Ray Gun made from a set of plans.  He took it to a research site with the hopes it would attract spirit activity.  He said the psychic he went with told him it had the opposite effect.

The parapsychologist would send the ions in the room, and the spirits “would scatter”.

Ions have been shown to drastically increase with ghost activity.  Some report the positive ions (which are unhealthy for humans in high concentration) are left over from spirit attacks, or fill up a space during.

One researcher had various remote meters place in a house connected to his laptop, and found the ion counts very high in the spots the home owners confirmed where the major activity areas.

It maybe possible that one or both forms of ions are produced as a side effect of (some) of them manifesting or becoming more active.  Or, they may use it as a food supply, unless it’s directed at them.

Ion ray guns are available in plans, kits or completed, and in different power levels.  Here at Amazing1.com for about $270 for the most powerful one.  They also sell plans for $15, and kits for about half an assembled one.

Whether they create negative or positive ions is determined by a diode position.  It would be great if a switch could change it from one to another.  And which one works better?

It would be interesting to see if these work for attachments as well as free floaters.

This design below has a parabolic dish at the end.  The author says they can light a bulb from across the room.  You can visit here.  He also says the theory is positive ions are associated with entities in a room, so flushing it with negative ions may help clear them out.


It might help with spooks just floating around or hanging out, which would be useful itself.  But attached spirits are more difficult to remove.

This is looks more like a little bazooka.

Say hello to my little friend…


3.  The Legendary MultiWave Oscillator

multiwave oscillator for sale

This is an early Multiwave Oscillator I made, with a neighbor testing it, before someone knocked it over and damaged it.  It healed his leg in 5 minutes.  It wasn’t used on Spirit Attachment areas, so no data on that.

The Multiwave Oscillator, or MWO, could be the king of healing machines.  They come in many shapes, sizes and power levels.

Most of the technology was invented by Nikola Tesla, an further developed by George Lakhovsky back in the 1920’s through the 1940’s and used in hospitals through Europe during that time. 

Many were damaged in WW2, and some others went missing, so they became nearly mythological, almost lost to time. 


How the Multiwave Oscillator Began

Nikola TeslaOriginally, Nikola Tesla found machines that he made that generated one frequency would heal a single condition that he or one of his technicians had.  

So he worked on a machine that would create a wide range of frequencies to heal ‘multiple’ things at once.  So we get the Multi-wave portion of the name.  Later, George Lakhovsky worked with Telsa on the project and together they created the Multiwave Oscillator. 

MWO’s are known for significant healing effects on the physical body, as well as reported by several researchers to remove or repel some spirit attachments.  Including ones in the surrounding area.  One pioneer in the field, believed removing Spirit Attachments was likely the main action for how an MWO heals the body.  Though I think it’s more to it than that.

A Tesla Coil Component In this Multiwave Oscillator

A Tesla Coil Component In this Multiwave Oscillator

Another researcher I with spoke with said it “irritates them into leaving”.  I could certainly see how.  The electromagnetic field is intense and feels nice.

So after months of research and development, I built my first one and the and the results were amazing.  It worked very well for physical healing.  The people who tested them for me were not psychically aware enough to tell if their benefits were entity removal related.

It wouldn’t remove the large squid type entities, which was the initial reason for making it.  Though I have ideas on how to make one that works in the frequency range of those kinds of entities.

Those have a measurable field in the 150MHz and 300MHz, which are “black energy” frequencies of the aura or chi/ki/prana.  Black energy entities are not super common as attachments, but they are harder to clear in general.  Some can block out radio and magnetic fields to some extent. 

Countering these frequencies would be the key in ridding people of these kinds of negative spirits.  

The black energies also can block the static machines to some extent, but the static still works against them.  They definitely do not like it.

multi wave oscillator

This is a smaller Multiwave Oscillator (not mine). It uses the flat golden ratio antennas

Back on the how Multiwave Oscillators.  They are are designed to broadcast a wide array of frequencies that helping to re-vitalize the different tissues that resonate to different frequencies, and clear out a wide variety of viruses, bacteria and parasites.  Its a win-win of effects.

Every component of an MWO affects the frequencies ranges produces.  So different MWO’s are better at healing different things.

The double-antenna models are more effective.  There are large replicas of the originals, and smaller, less expensive modern versions that work on the same principles.  The are basically modified Tesla coils, that output to special antennas.

multiwave oscillator for sale

Making  Antennas

Completed MWO’s run from about $5,000 to $25,000 or more.  They are not easy to build and are priced accordingly.  Some people have built their own for about $500-$5,000 in parts and a lot of research.  I’ve seen a couple small, simple ones made mostly with scrap parts from junkyards – a great skill to have for what’s going to be happening in the future. 

The bigger Multiwave Oscillators are more powerful (like the one I made pictured above) take a while to make, and are not easy, but can be done.  They have a power unit about the size of a large computer case, with cables going to the famous Lakhovsky antennas.

If you are looking for a Multiwave Oscillator for sale, I would sell ones like that for $6,000.  You can contact me here if interested.

Very simple (small) ones can be built from spare electric parts if you have the skills or some good plans.  Most designs shouldn’t be used with anyone who has a pacemaker. 

Most of the frequencies are produced by a spark gap.  These are fascinatingly simple and effective but they can produce metal dust.  So if you have or make one, it’s best to enclose it to keep the particles out of the air.

I have made a few Multi Wave Oscillators, and have found then not work against the squid type entities.  Unfortunately.  One MWO worked phenomenally well at physical healing. 

It would light up a full sized florescent light bulb held in your hands.  More importantly, it healed damaged joints, neurological problems, infections, etc, healed in minutes.  The problems didn’t come back, even years later, and no one had side effects.  Several people tried it.  It was amazing.

I want to build a new one with more power that works in a frequency range that is more likely effective against entity attachments.  I need a bigger lab to put it together.


4.  Sage, Sandalwood and Sweetgrass (honorable mention)

sage for incense clearing

Its not what it looks like, officer.

While not an electronic solution, and they don’t exactly clear spirits, these get an honorable mention.  They break down some of the energy that entities feed on.  Which discourages some of the activity for a while of stuff that is in a building, and not attached to people or pets.

The mechanism by which they work helps you understand of how some other things work too.

Using various types of smoke to clear things is as old as fire, and a staple tradition in all ancient cultures.  However, not all smoke will works for this.

There’s something about the oils in particular plants that when burned, is beneficial to energy cleaning.  They don’t have much effect in actually removing or clear entities, but they break down or dissolve the thicker energies that entitles can feed on or and use to affect people.

Basically, it burns away some of their food supply.

For them to really work, the smoke has to fill up the space.  Burning some for a few seconds and putting it out like people some do, doesn’t really work.

Also, incense doesn’t have much affect the higher frequency energies that higher level bad spirits use.  Since the worst entities can use love and other nice energies to attack you with.  Surprise, surprise.

Sage, Sandalwood and Sweetgrass can definitely help the situation, but it’s a short term improvement, and doesn’t do much to actually get rid of entities.


5.  ‘Quantum Scanners’ or NLS Devices

Scio Machine, some have found it to clear some of the easier-to-clear attachments.


Quantum Scanners and NLS devices are of a similar concept.  NLS means Non-Linear Scanner. 

There are probably a dozen or so of these on the market.  They use different types of scanning methods check the body for problems.  Much like an antivirus program on your computer scans for virus.

Some can help made with repairs with the corrective frequencies.  Some work better than others and some are better for different things. 

I would love to have a machine that can scan like a good Quantum Scanner or NLS machine, then automatically zap off spirit attachments.  I worked on one using a SDR Radio as the hardware, but the software needed was too expense to have finished. 

It would also likely need amplification and transmitted out of a large antenna or plasma bulb to have enough power to clear the more difficult attachments.  There a lot of options for this.

This would meet the qualifications for the ultimate Goal Machine of Entity / Spirit Attachment removal.  

One of the scanners tested was amazing for diagnosing physical problems, nutrient deficiencies and residual emotions.  They do what regular medical science would say is impossible…the best kind of technology.

However, that particular model (the NES Pro) doesn’t detect or clear entities.  But it gave us an idea of what is possible.

We found a few Healers who do clearings or other forms of healing, say one of the earlier Quantum Scanners, called the Scio machine, can clear some entity attachments.  We have not yet tested this ourselves, so we can’t vouch for it.

However, they say a person doing energy methods (a human healer) is better.  It also appears the more difficult attachments aren’t going to be cleared with a Scio.

Better recommendations have come with a newer device, called a ‘Metatron’, made by a different company.  We are looking to purchase one for testing.  They run about $2,000.  If you’ve had any expedience with any of these, feel free to tell us about it.  With our contact form.

Update:  Someone who was covered in some of the most difficult attachments, tried one, and it could not remove

The ultimate device could scan for any frequency of entity in an area, and repel or remove it.  And could clear things people cannot.  At least not none that we have found yet.

We need something that can clear anything from a person. and the space around a person or building.  If a device can clear a person, it might be modified to work on a wide area around the person too.

Since some things don’t attach much, but float around and attack people then pull back.

6.  SDR Radio  (

sdr radio for entity spirit attachment removal experiements

SDR Radio means software defined radio.  Its a circuit board that can do all kinds of radio functions in one device.  Most work in the frequency range that spirits exist in or can be most easily picked up in, the MHz range.

Conceivably, and SDR radio could be configured as detection and counter measure device for attachments, if programmed right.  I bought an LimeSDR, that seemed to fit the requirements.  This was about 4-5 years ago, so I figured its improved since then. 

There was about 8 hours of installing software packages to get it running.  Then I built and antenna system in the frequencies of black energy, one that some of the worst entities emit create. 150 MHz and 300 MHz. 

Note: The worst attachments can create any energy, even “love”, “peace”, certainty”, and so forth, to fool people.  Most people have no idea about this.  Black is one of the harder colors of energy to deal with in an attack.  It has a blocking, numbing or slimy effect. 

Unfortunately, the software wasn’t as configurable as it was supposed to be.  It would need completely custom code.  I had some coders look at it, but it was a niche area of programing.  I thought about learning to code to make it myself, but would be 2 years of study when I think focusing on the hardware is more where the need is right now.  If the cash comes in I restart this project.  If you want to experiment with it, let me know if you make progress on it.

I didn’t get a chance to test it for clearing purposes, but I list it here in case someone wants to experiment with it themselves or contribute to an SDR project in some way.

More solutions will be detailed soon.

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  1. My name is Keyvi I’m a 28 year old male. When I was 25 years old a spirit entered my body and to this day uses my mouth to talk which torments me. I would like to submit myself as a subject. So hopefully you guys can help remove this entity. So I can move on with my life join the military once again. I’m willing to pay for services rendered. Please help

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