New Aura Clearing, Electrostatic Machine Is Almost Ready

I’m happy to announce, this new device is currently in the testing phase, and doing well.  This site has been here to educate and inspire the development of innovation with entity removal.  Now we are going to have something to offer for purchase.

Its similar to the “Pyro Energen” (and some older things like it) though about 33% more powerful, but at about 1/3rd the cost, with a price range of $400-500.  I’d love to be able to give them away for free, but unfortunately its not feasible.

The Pyro Energen is a device that is promoted as for clearing entities, certain forms of cancer and a number of viruses.  But the price makes it beyond the reach of a many people, and a lot of people have.

It also similar to older static devices, that have been used since static electricity was discovered.  It covers the body in a negatively charged electrostatic field, and makes causes a person to emit negative ions from your whole body.  Its pretty cool.  You sit in a plastic chair with a plastic foot rest or massage table, plastic lounge chair, etc, so you’re at least 1 foot off the ground.

It has not shown yet to clear the big house-sized squid/tentacle monster entity.  We’re still doing tests to determine if it removes regular entities.  I’m blocked now so I can’t directly observe it, but, the guinea pigs… I mean test subjects, have reported health improvements with hard to clear infections of the physical body. It appears to have a strong a cleansing effect on energy.

When its available for purchase you will be notified.  You can leave your name and contact info, and any comments that you’d like on this form.

Most of the proceeds will go toward other bigger tech projects, that are just sitting on the bench right now, waiting on more funding.

I have discovered that “necessity is the mother of invention, but money is the father”.

I have discovered that necessity is the mother of invention, but money is the father.

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This is a short list devices reported to work, each by multiple credible sources, but we haven’t been able to test all of them.  While the simpler devices are not probably not the goal device we are looking for, they each have their benefits and lead to the ideal.  Each are known for having healing effects on the physical body.  From negative ions to frequency-generating devices.

Not to mention these are interesting or just plain fun.  In no particular order:

1.  Ion Ray Gun

ion ray guns for entity removal
Not quite proton Packs, but in that direction. The positive gun feeds spirits, negative chases them away.

Negative ion generators of various types have been found to have effects in Ghost hunting and parapsychology test.  One parapsychology professor related to me a story about how he had an Ion Ray Gun made from a set of plans.  He took it to a research site with the hopes it would attract spirit activity.  He said the psychic he went with told him it had the opposite effect.

The parapsychologist would send the ions in the room, and the spirits “would scatter”.

Ions have been shown to drastically increase with ghost activity.  Some report the positive ions (which are unhealthy for humans in high concentration) are left over from spirit attacks, or fill up a space during.

One researcher had various remote meters place in a house connected to his laptop, and found the ion counts very high in the spots the home owners confirmed where the major activity areas.

It maybe possible that one or both forms of ions are produced as a side effect of (some) of them manifesting or becoming more active.  Or, they may use it as a food supply, unless it’s directed at them.

Ion ray guns are available in plans, kits or completed, and in different power levels.  Here at for about $270 for the most powerful one.  They also sell plans for $15, and kits for about half an assembled one.

Whether they create negative or positive ions is determined by a diode position.  It would be great if a switch could change it from one to another.  And which one works better?

It would be interesting to see if these work for attachments as well as free floaters.

This design below has a parabolic dish at the end.  The author says they can light a bulb from across the room.  You can visit here.  He also says the theory is positive ions are associated with entities in a room, so flushing it with negative ions may help clear them out.

It might help with spooks just floating around or hanging out, which would be useful itself.  But attached spirits are more difficult to remove.

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This is looks more like a little bazooka.

Say hello to my little friend…



2.  The Legendary Multi Wave Oscillator

Image result for multi wave oscillator

Multi Wave Oscillators, or MWO, come in many shapes and sizes.  They were developed by George Lakhovsky with the help of Nicola Tesla himself back in the 1920’s through the 40’s and used in hospitals through Europe during that time.

They are known for significant healing effects on the physical body, as well as reported by several researchers to remove or repel some spirit attachments.  Including ones in the surrounding area.  One pioneer in the field, believed this could have been the main action for how an MWO heals the body.  Though we think it’s more than that.

If you search online for the Borderlands organization’s work, they have more information on the subject.

MWO’s are designed to broadcast a wide range of frequencies, helping to re-vitalize the different tissues that resonate to different frequencies.  As well as clear out a wide variety of viruses, bacteria and parasites.

The double-antenna models are more effective.  There are large replicas of the originals, and smaller, less expensive modern versions that work on the same principles.  The are basically Tesla coils, that output to antennas.

Completed MWO’s run from about $4,000 to $10,000 or more.  Many people have built their own for about $400-$1,000 in parts and a good amount of research.  I’ve seen some made with entirely scrap parts at basically no cost.

Very simple ones can be built from spare electric parts if you have the skills or some good plans.  Of course, be careful, since they are high voltage (thought low amps).  They shouldn’t be used with anyone who has a pacemaker.

Most of the frequencies are produced by a spark gap.  These are fascinatingly simple and effective but they can produce metal dust.  So if you have or make one, it’s best to enclose it to keep the particles out of the air.

We have a Multi Wave Oscillator, and have found it does not work against the most difficult entities.  So while it’s not the goal device, its still useful.  There are things we’ve learned from it, getting us further to the goal.  And of course, it’s useful as a physical healing device.


3.  Sage, Sandalwood and Sweetgrass

sage for incense clearing
Its not what it looks like. Space clearing with with sage, doesn’t clear entities but it removes part of their food supply.

While not an electronic solution, these get an honorable mention.  And the mechanism by which they work helps you understand of how these things work.

Using various types of smoke to clear things is as old as fire, and a staple tradition in all ancient cultures.

There’s something about the oils in these plants that when burned, is beneficial to energy cleaning.  They don’t have much effect in actually removing or clear entities, but they break down or dissolve the thicker energies that entitles can feed on or and use to affect people.

Basically, it burns away some of their food supply.

For them to really work, the smoke has to fill up the space.  Burning some for a few seconds and putting it out like people some do, doesn’t really work.

Also, incense doesn’t have much affect the higher frequency energies that higher level bad spirits use.  Since the worst entities can use love and other nice energies to attack you with.  Surprise, surprise.

Sage, Sandalwood and Sweetgrass can definitely help the situation, but it’s a short term improvement, and doesn’t do much to actually get rid of entities.


4.  ‘Quantum Scanners’ or NLS Devices

Scio Machine, some have found it to clear some of the easier to clear attachments

These devices use different types of scanning methods check the body for problems.  Some can help made with repairs with the corrective frequencies.  Some work better than others.  Some are better for different things.

A Quantum Scanner in principle, have more promise as The Goal Machine for entity removal.  Though, they would need modification.

We’ve tested one of them personally and found it was amazing for diagnosing physical problems, nutrient deficiencies and residual emotions.  They do what regular medical science would say is impossible…the best kind of technology.

However, that particular model (the NES Pro) doesn’t detect or clear entities.  But it gave us an idea of what is possible.

We found a few Healers who do clearings or other forms of healing, say one of the earlier Quantum Scanners, called the Scio machine, can clear some entity attachments.  We have not yet tested this ourselves, so we can’t vouch for it.

However, they say a person doing energy methods (a human healer) is better.  It also appears the more difficult attachments aren’t going to be cleared with a Scio.

Better recommendations have come with a newer device, called a ‘Metatron’, made by a different company.  We are looking to purchase one for testing.  They run about $2,000.  If you’ve had any expedience with any of these, feel free to tell us about it.  With our contact form.

The ultimate device could scan for any frequency of entity in an area, and repel or remove it.  And could clear things people cannot.  At least not none that we have found yet.

We need something that can clear anything from a person. and the space around a person or building.  If a device can clear a person, it might be modified to work on a wide area around the person too.

Since some things don’t attach much, but float around and attack people then pull back.

More solutions will be detailed soon.

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