The Clearing Machine – Negative Ion Static Generator


A device for charging or covering the body with a negative electrostatic charge, like those used historically for clearing Spirit Attachments.  Shipping is free in the USA.  For orders outside the US please use the contact form for order requests, until international shipping is ready for the online store.



The clearing machine is now ready for purchase : )  It generates a field of negatively charged static electric around the person using it.  Shipping is currently free in USA.

Note: The next models going to larger than the one in this picture and not made of plexiglass.  This one pictured has a power adjustment control and external battery ports, which are in the testing phase.  The next models may or may not have these features.

This machine creates a continuous electrostatic charge about double that of a “doorknob” zap, such as after walking across the carpet in the winter and touch a doorknob or other metal object.

When you first turn it on, you might get a zap or two while adjusting in your chair (not included), but might feel a tingling session or not much at all afterward.

It is not for use for anyone with a pacemaker, unless approved by a healthcare professional.

The people who’ve tested it so far, were not Spiritually Aware enough to tell if they experienced clearings, but felt an improved mood and one had a sinus infection clear out.

Its classified as experimental, so no claims are are made about possible results.

Directions For Use – Please Read

5-20 Minute Sessions. 1-5 or more times per day as needed.  For spiritual purposes, you may likely need to use it for multiple sessions until the problem decides it needs to stay away permanently.  As reported in historic references about static machines.

It can be used outside with an extension cord, but must have 3-prongs for the ground and plugged into a 3 pronged jack.  It must be kept away from rain, sprinklers, etc.

Drink plenty of water before use, in case you experience a Herxheimer Reaction.  Often abbreviated as “Herx” reaction or “Herxing”.

Static devices can produce a Herx reaction, be causing viruses to rapidly die off, and clog the lymphatic system to some extent.  This produces usually brief cold or flu-like symptoms.  Its not uncommon for people to have hidden, low grade infections in their body.

Therefore, its common to use it for a shorter period (5 minutes) your first time and see how what you experience.


For it to work you need to be far enough way from the ground or anything metal so the static field doesn’t move from you and into the ground or metal object.  (Become grounded)

One way is to sit in a plastic chair, with your feet on a plastic stool at least 10 inches or more off the ground.  The copper plate goes under a cushion and you sit on it.  You can also put your feet on the copper plate on a stool, wearing shoes or a thin cushion.  The static can go through thin rubber and cushions, the thicker the material the less static electricity will cover you.  You can experiment and see what suits you best.

A completely plastic lounge or deck chair also works.  As does a thickly padded wooden chair or recliner with pillows has worked too.

The power unit (the box), requires ventilation for cooling, so keep it place on a hard, non-metallic surface.

Its currently not recommended to use it while using a cell phone, laptop or other electronics.  Though some people have used it while using a cell phone without problems.

You can use the machine while sleeping, as long as its not a box spring mattress, or it can static field and ground into the metal springs.  However, using many pillows could create sufficient padding.

Its also best to keep your body at least 10 inches or more from a wall while using it.

For now, they are built to order, until we can have enough parts inventory in stock.  It can sometimes take 1-3 weeks for some of the parts to come in.  So give it at least 2-3 weeks before shipping.

For right now, we’re only shipping to the USA, but plan to expand to other counties in the near future.  All sales are final, and there is a 6 month parts and labor warranty for manufacturing defects.

I’m trying to help as many people as I can, and operating on pretty thin price margin.



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