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Tell us about Healers who’ve been successful with the difficult cases

Our website traffic has doubled since the beginning of August.  I’m not sure why.  With that has been a number of requests from people in dire need of help.

So I’m creating this page to invite people to tell us if you’ve found a healer that was able to remove your difficult entity problem. In the comments below, tell us about any healer, or healers, that you’ve had success with.

I’ve known many people who have gotten sessions with 50, 80, 100 healers before finding one that can help.  Their stories of suffering are incalculable.

This is a big part of the reason for this website, to find a more reliable way to clear entities.  Especially the difficult ones.  This is something that needs to happen and the world is desperate for.

About Healers who do Evil Spirit, Negative Entity Removal

Being a Healer / Shaman, is one of the most important jobs in the world.  There are some amazing healers working hard to make the world a better place.

Also, different healers are more effective for different kinds of entities.  Some are more effective than others, and unfortunately, some people advertising as healers are not healers at all.  I think those are in the minority.  More commonly though, are healers that are not able to clear the difficult cases, but …they seem unaware of this.

We’re hearing the same things from from a lot of people with the very difficult to remove entity problems.  People who are getting sessions with dozens of healers, to find one who can clear what they have.  Healers thinking they’ve remove things they haven’t, and healers not able to see the especially difficult entities.

Some have done it, but very few healers are able to remove the really difficult cases.  Many are not able to see they very difficult ones, and worse, they are not aware they are not able to do this.  The more “advanced” entities tend to be skilled in creating illusions that remote healers cannot see past, and tricking Psychics, Mediums and Healers, with a variety of methods.

As one person put it “Its a serious problem within a serious problem.”

This problem affects practitioners both in person and remotely, but usually more so remotely.  If the healer works with spirits that help them do clearings, with these clients, they start getting false information from these spirits.  Or, spirits who pretend to be those spirits.

Perhaps, the remote healers are so used to getting accurate information, they don’t believe they could be getting wrong information.  I suspect these people are working with what I call controller class spirits, that often do false trust building experiences with the healer, so they end up trusting the spirits no matter what.

I’ve been to training classes given by certain spiritual schools, where the teachers will tell stories, in which they were tricked or lied to by these spirits, but later say their spirits never lie to them.  It completely escapes them what is going on.  That’s a whole topic in itself.

We hear from a lot of people with difficult cases, and we’re seeing the same problems happen.

  • Multiple healers getting the same false information.
  • Every healer someone goes to tells them something completely different.
  • Getting the same 5 or so common (inaccurate) reasons its “you’re fault” in rotation.
  • Many healers giving you the same unsuccessful generic advice that doesn’t work, in rotation, after their session didn’t work.

Sometimes people are told things from the healer after an unsuccessful session, advice that only works on the easy-to-mid level entities.  Not the advanced ones.

  • “Burn such and such herb and it will go away”
  • “Just Love yourself”
  • “Just ignore it”   (Rarely works in any case)

We’ve heard several stories of the less skilled Healers, saying something like…

“You were an evil sorcerer in your past life, and this is karmic, that’s why my skills are not working”  (despite compelling evidence to the contrary)

“Just burn some sage, and you will be fine”.

“Just take a salt water bath”.

“I got rid of the entities, but you brought it back by thinking about it”  (Though the entity never left for a second).  Sometimes the healers will later agree upon by the healer the entities never left.

Please post your experiences with Healers, especially if you know of any healers that can remove the very difficult entities. 

11 thoughts on “Seeking Healers, Shaman For Spirit Attachment, Evil Spirit Removal

  1. I’ve also been to multiple different healers (at least 15), and while some of them did remove entities on me that I could feel (some earth bounds, some parasites), none of them have been able to remove a parasite that’s been latched onto my back (attaching behind my solar plexus and behind my third eye). I’ve just assumed that the healers were all on different vibrations and were seeing things on their own vibration and it was different from the other healers (ie. successive healers removed things that others previously didn’t even notice or see). Anyway I can feel this parasite clearly, I can feel when it’s moving, I have felt it partially let go a couple times but it’s still stuck there and it gives me intense headaches and pain in the middle of my back. None of the healers I’ve been to could even detect it, and I don’t know what to do. Most of the healers out there it seems are just in it for the money, I’ve even found discriminatory ‘healers’ out there (go figure).

    One of the shaman healers I went to removed a parasite living in my chest and it was intertwined with this one, and as that shaman was removing this thing in my chest, the entity on my back started withdrawing because it was also being pulled foreword, but it still managed to stay latched onto me without getting pulled out, and the shaman healer didn’t even notice any other entity present. According to the shaman I was free of entities. It didn’t really make sense to me as I thought they were on the same spiritual energy vibration seeing as it was being pulled at the same time, but it wasn’t removed.

    I really wish I could find someone that can detect and remove this parasite because I can’t handle the pain and intense pressure in my head, and I don’t know what to do (also just in case anyone out there thinks I’m being reckless here, I’ve already done every modern medical exam and according to doctors I’m fully physically healthy). Anyway, if there’s anyone out there with super awarenesses/abilities that can see/feel it on me remotely, please please remove it.

    1. Wow. My father is going through something similar he gets tormented 24 hours in a day I’ve been in this journey with him for 18 years and it’s so hard to see a love one suffer and you can’t do anything I mean he is suffering it’s like anal astral rape. It does things to people he interacts with like scare them away or sabotage many of his deals I’m a true witness I believed dAd when I seen for myself what this energy has done I wish I new what to do we did cleaning cleansing went to people that said they was the best if y’all know someone please reach out to me and my dad 816-769-9582. We have tried everything but I know we are missing something.

    2. This is a similar situation that i’m going thru. I have been to 5 diffrent practitioners and every one failed… Did someone help you with your problem? If so i would appreciate if you can share a name.

  2. Hello,

    Do you know of any reputable healers, preferably in the NYC, Long Island or tristate area? I don’t know who to trust on line.

    Thank you,

    1. October 12, 2019 at 5:23 pm

      I don’t know anyone specifically in that area. Perhaps someone else here knows someone good around there.

  3. Hi everyone. Same problem here. I first got this entity attachment in June 2012. The symptoms started with my feet tingling and vibrating and then those symptoms moved upward to the rest of the body. Unfortunately I have lost thousands of dollars, $20,000 dollars at least trying to remove these parasite entities. It is very unfortunate and bad that 99% percent of psychics, energy healers, entity removal people and exorcists failed to even detect this entity, let alone successfully remove it. From my research and experience of getting entity removal and energy healing since 2013, I have recently found out that these are not normal, typical demons, dark force entities but rather etheric, astral, elemental and other dimensional beings. To me they seem like a vampire parasite entities because they steal my energy, they drain my energy and they also make me bleed. I feel this invisible thing scratching my neck hairline. This causes pimple and bleeding. Every few days, I see the bloodstains on my pillow. This entity has been doing this for the last 8 months now.

    Unfortunately I am suffering from a parasite demon, spirit entity. This invisible parasite entity makes me bleed by scratching the back of my head, neck hairline area. Unfortunately I spent and lost a lot of money on medications and energy healings to remove this parasite but this is a external, energetic and spiritual parasite like an entity, demon etc.

    1. Sorry for your experience, I don’t think it’s quite the same thing.

      Have you been to the doctor for medical tests? sounds more like an allergy – skin condition.

  4. Hi it’s now 2023.
    Nearly 7yrs living with the sensations feeling parts of these and some of the other types of parasites in certain areas of my body. Over time I have been able to make out more of the shapes of the tentacles. They definitely exist all be it out of sight to me and I can confirm that the tentacles can range in size.
    I wanted to update you I am no longer using the email address I posted in 2020.
    I personally don’t think the tentacled entity or any of the other astral parasites are ‘evil’ but it is like torture feeling the sensations of them moving around. I would certainly like to not have them in my body!.
    Can anyone else feel them? I’m not holding much hope but has anyone had any luck with permanent removal?
    If you would like to get in contact I set up a new email: [email protected].
    I would be interested to make contact with folk having a similar experience.
    I haven’t been to anymore healers the last few years. I gave up looking.

  5. i havebeen in same situation, i believe something is living inside me and its blocking all my blessings
    no one has been able to detach it from my body , one 2-3 healers did that i felt so much good but after some time again same issue.

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