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Tom MacDonald’s Music Video ‘Best Rapper Ever’ Accurately Shows Battling With Entity Attachments, Spirits or “Personal Demons”

This video is remarkable for a number of reasons.  I’m sharing it here like a case study.  Because the artist shows dramatically… and vividly, a battle he has with his mental health problems, in the form of the external problems – which are usually hidden and rarely solved.

I’m willing to bet he has a fairly good idea about the true cause of his problems.  Artists are often more psychically sensitive and aware of things, even if they don’t know how.  It comes up through the subconscious mind.  These problems are often shown in a symbolic way, when in fact, they are very much actually happening.

tom macdonald best rapper ever video

Still image from Tom MacDonald’s video ‘Best Rapper Ever’ accurately shows battle with entity attachments

Many people know subconsciously there are ghosts, spirit attachments, entities, spirits, ‘demons’, that somehow are causing their problems.  Hypnosis is one way this is shown.   Sometimes that subconscious knowing raises into the conscious mind in some form.

Based on experience, I don’t think there demons in the religious sense.  But there are definitely things that act just like them.  On the lower and higher levels.  They will show in whatever form they think has the most effect on you.  If they show at all.  Most hide, but their effects are not hidden.  They almost never go away on their own.

In the video, the way he fights and argues with these problems, often happens just like this.  Face to face, emotionally and even physical.

Like others I’ve known, I’ve fought and defended myself from spirits like this in direct attacks.  In Tom’s video they are causing and provoking addiction feelings, fear, depression and other negative emotions.  Which can be direct or covert attacks.

When my psychic or spiritual perception developed further, I could see the spirits were often attached to a cord to my back, feeding off my energy.  This knowledge became part of what it took to really get rid of them.

While tethered to you, they will attack you directly or “inspire” people around you to attack you verbally or physically in a number of ways.   The attacks range from making the person feeling uneasy about the other, to attracted to them at the wrong time, to a physical attack.

That’s only about the tethered attachments.  The closely attached ones cause everything from medial problems to addictions to anger, fear, to ‘hearing voices’.  The whole gamut.

Fighting with the entities the wrong way feeds them more.

The video also reminds me of a time I confronted an attacking spirit by astral projecting.  It was a one of several recommended methods taught by an astral projection school.

The spirit was following me around and being harassing.  He was this 2′-3′ tall guy floating near me.  I laid down and sat up out of body.  There, he made himself 6′ tall.  He attacked me directly into a fist fight.  His arm went through my astral chest and got stuck there for a minute.  His forearm wiggling around behind my back.  It didn’t hurt.

Ah, the good ‘ol days.

He got removed in a clearing a few days after that.  I didn’t tell T about it, but she described the scene just as it happened, when she found him in the clearing.  He got processed and removed.  I might elaborate on that story another time.  I mention it give a wider picture of how things work and more context for showing the video.

Anyway, back to the video.

Tom MacDonald went from living in rough situations, to having multiple number #1 hits on the  the Billboard Chart.  He makes his music himself and his girlfriend films and edits the videos.  Perhaps allowing for more realism to come though.

Even if you are not a fan of this kind of music, you might enjoy seeing some hidden truth making its way to the surface.  Sometimes reality shows itself in unexpected ways.


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