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Removing Spirit Attachments with a  Plasma Ball

I wrote this on another website, and it got a lot of attention and likes, so I’m re-posting it here.  A number of people have asked about this topic.


A Rife Plasma Ball is the most efficient (and expensive) way to transmit rife frequencies.  Its a glass tube or ball filled with gas that glows with energy once electrified with the frequencies.

rife plasma ball

The post:

I’m seeking and working on technologies to do clearings, because there’s too many of them, and the more advanced entities are hard to remove. There are some kinds of machines that can remove some of them. If anyone here as more ideas, I’ve love the help.

There are a lot of methods for removing entities. But as it is now, they are not enough. The world needs technological solutions developed and soon. The world won’t be a good place until the problem is solved.

So far with testing, normal power levels can make them wiggle around, and higher voltage is needed to clear them. Spooky or other rife devices with a plasma ball, negative static devices, multi-wave oscillators to some extent, etc.

In one example, a colleague inadvertently cleared one using a plasma ball with an amplifier and mp3 player. His wife had some tumors on her back. He used 400Hz – a tumor frequency, and she said a black figure shot off of her back, and screamed as it flew around the room before going out the window. Her tumor started shrinking right away, when other methods didn’t help it.

This question below also came after the overview I gave on this page.

Such a Brilliant overview – thank you!

I have a question – can you shed more light on what exactly amplifier was used between the mp3 player and a Plasma ball? Do you have any technical specs/parameters of such an amplifier and how was it connected to a Plasma ball, which does not have any audio input other than microphone?

Thanks Alexander! I try to convey this stuff completely yet somewhat concisely. I’ve learned a lot of unusual stuff that needs to be shared.

He showed me pictures of his set up and his wife being treated. He said he had it in the closet for 20 years or something. He didn’t remember the company name or where he got it from.

I didn’t know they sold those back then and he could have been using it for all kinds of things. I think he didn’t really understand the amazing value of it which was really strange.

I don’t know the specs on it and it didn’t have a brand or anything on it. It was a single sphere and fairly large. Probably a bit smaller than a soccer ball if I had to guess. It was glass with glass protrusions on either side that were used to mount it on top of the box. The box was non-descript, square or square-ish. Dark colored I think and it that must have housed the amplifier. I’m sure it was plugged into the wall also. He didn’t mention the power level or didn’t know.

It had a regular audio cable going from his mp3 player to the box. I found the tumor frequency for him and he showed it to me on the mp3 player.

I’ve looked for something like it online back then, like a less expensive plasma ball, but didn’t find it. Some people make cheaper plasma systems with a cheap straight tube and simple amplifier.

What about this kind of Plasma Ball?

plasma ball

This is indeed a plasma ball, but its more of shopping mall novelty or cool decoration.  However, they CAN be used for rife, but the power level they can handle is too low for entity removal.  Unless you discover something new with it.

With entity removal, the common demonstrator is a high voltage.  At least with what’s been tested so far.  If you do some experiments and discover something new, definitely share it with the rest of the class.

I’ll note also, the high voltage doesn’t mean dangerous if the amperage is low.  A doorknob shock has high voltage, but very very low amperage.

Voltage means pressure the electricity has.  Like putting your thumb on the end of the garden hose to get the water to spray out further.  Amperage is how many electrons flow through the wire.


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